TD Hatfield lives in Germantown, Maryland with a recording studio in his dining room. Playing guitar from the time his hands were big enough, people compare his music to Dave Matthews, and major influences include John Mayer and Matt Wertz.

TD, “Tim” was a professional recording engineer at Hound Sound and Oz Recording Studios in the Baltimore area for years, and now works for an A/V network as an Audio/Visual installation tech.

TD sings lead on “Happiness”, released last September with Mark King on background vocals, drums, keyboard and second guitar (starts first). Mastered by Stuart Hawks at Metropolis Studios in West London, England, TD, found them through their artists, Ed Sheeran and Amy Winehouse.

This is the coffeehouse version of "Girl You Drive Me Crazy" On the full band version (above), Mark King played keyboard, drums, electric guitar, and David Abrecht played bass.

Tim loves and plays his 2 favorite guitars: a Taylor 716 Acoustic guitar, and a Breedlove Organ/Concierto E, which is constructed with all Myrtle wood which gives it a rich sound, similar to koa wood. Not only does he like to use alternate tunings, but he also uses weird capos, such as a sus-E capo (top string open and e and b open). He also partial to partial capos: "Makes you think outside of the box."

From childhood Tim has been inspired by his father, who was a "session guy" and a touring musician in Nashville. Tim grew up surrounded by guitars and there were frequent recordings at the house.

Nowadays, listens to new artists, from Europe and Australia. "Music is constantly growing and changing." Other influences include Matt Nathanson (especially his song, “Kept”), William Fitzsimmons, “People Change Their Minds”, Gavin James (from Ireland)  and Matt Belmont's band, Belle Mt.